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    Charlotte woman, boyfriend murdered while traveling in Canada

    Chynna Deese, 24, and her boyfriend, Lucas Fowler, were found shot and killed on a remote western Canadian highway Monday near their broken down van. 

    Officials said they were exploring Canadian national parks and heading to Alaska. 

    "It is a love story, a southern girl goes out of the country, meets this Australian and they were just the same personality," said Sheila Deese, Chynna’s mother. "It was like two butterflies that found each other and they were going to be forever."

    CLICK HERE for more on the Canadian police and FBI investigation.

    CMS superintendent out: Clayton Wilcox will resign after two years on job

    The CMS board met Friday morning to decide the future of Superintendent Clayton Wilcox, agreeing unanimously that he will resign. A separation agreement was approved by a 9-0 vote, saying Wilcox will resign Aug. 2, just weeks before the new school year begins.

    "We are in a time of leadership transition, but our focus on students remains clear because they are what matters most," acting Superintendent Earnest Winston said. "I have served our school district for 15 years as teacher, admin, but my most important job in CMS is being a parent. My expectations are the same as yours."

    CLICK HERE for what led to the resignation.

    Caught on camera: Alligator cools off in the surf on Oak Island

    Alligators can show up nearly anywhere in the Cape Fear area of the North Carolina coast, but it’s not often they are found on the beach.

    Find out what officials want to remind beachgoers about HERE.

    Troopers speak out against 'exit jumping' on Charlotte interstates

    A move that drivers are resorting to more often is known as exit jumping, which is when they get off the interstate to avoid a traffic backup, then merge right back on at the same exit.

    Driving apps like Waze or Google Maps try to show you the shortest route, and apps like those often direct motorists to exit jump to save time.

    "It's not saving you much time, and it's putting you at risk and causing more wear and tear to your car," North Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper Ray Pierce said.

    CLICK HERE to learn how this risky maneuver could get drivers tickets.

    Man charged after 1 dead, another hurt in crash during police chase

    Police have charged a man with murder for his role in a dangerous and deadly police chase through a Gastonia neighborhood Sunday evening and neighbors are outraged.

    One person was killed and a second was listed in critical condition after they were hit while walking on Rankin Avenue by a car being chased by a Gaston County sheriff’s deputy, officials said.

    CLICK HERE to learn what led to the chase and the chain of events that followed.

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    Misleading labels may be slapped on products you buy.

    At 5:15 p.m. Monday, Channel 9 investigates tariff evasion.

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