What's dragging down CLT's placement on airport rankings

What's dragging down CLT's placement on airport rankings

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A pair of reports released last week point to a single issue that's become a drag on ratings for Charlotte Douglas International Airport, home to a major hub for American Airlines and often cited as a crowning jewel by economic developers for the region.

In their respective analyses, The Points Guy and FinanceBuzz found on-time flight performance at CLT to be lacking.

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Still, the Charlotte airport landed at No. 13 on The Points Guy's ranking of the "Best and Worst U.S. Airports." That study examined the 50 busiest U.S. airports by number of passengers, focusing on 34 different factors related to amenities, commute time and on-time flight records. In addition to flight delays and cancellations, consideration was given to ride-hailing prices, restaurants, lounges, security wait times and more.

The report by FinanceBuzz has a more narrow focus, zeroing in on delays and cancellations for its list of the 25 airports that cost passengers the most in lost time.

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