• Widespread forgery scheme reaches Charlotte banks


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A forgery crime has stretched more than 700 miles.

    Detectives in Charlotte are trying to figure out how thieves stole thousands of dollars from a Florida real estate broker.

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    Police said the crimes happened earlier this month at three different PNC banks across Charlotte.

    The victim said she was alerted when the bank teller flagged her account.

    She was told a suspicious person tried to cash a counterfeit check using her personal information.

    The real estate broker said the $16,000 loss to her small business was a major blow.

    "It's even more significant when you don't know how it happened," said Monica Hands, who is with Springer & Harris Real Estate. "But most importantly, you don't know how you will get that money back or if you will or what the process is after that, so it was a little daunting."

    The victim said she plans to add extra security to her accounts and start using electronic checks.

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    Police believe the crime could be connected to a larger ring of financial scammers.

    No arrests have been made.


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