Widow wants answers 1 year after husband shot, killed in crash

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A widow spoke to Channel 9’s Elsa Gillis one year after someone shot her husband and left him to die.

Police have surveillance video of a possible getaway car but there have not been any arrests.

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"He was just an all-around good guy, and I think most importantly he was so willing to help," Tomiko Evans-Johnson said.

Evans-Johnson and her daughter, Kennedy, want justice and answers for the death of Raymond Johnson III.

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"You know, you try to smile and be normal, and, you know, try to put the pieces back together, but they're broken, and they can't go back together the same way,” Evans-Johnson said.

Johnson was shot while he was driving near Monroe Road and Fugate Avenue in southeast Charlotte.  Evans-Johnson said he had just left work at a pawn shop.

He crashed into a utility pole. By the time police arrived to the scene, he had died.

"It's not about just who, I mean, we want to know why? Why? What could've possibly happened that could make you want to take somebody's life so tragically?”

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