Winter weather across country delays COVID vaccine rollout, including in Carolinas

Winter weather is bringing the race to vaccinate to a crawl as snow and ice are preventing some providers from holding vaccination clinics Wednesday.

Millions of people across the country will need to wait longer for a COVID-19 vaccine, including some people in the Carolinas.

A clinic in Rock Hill at the Galleria Mall, one of the largest vaccination sites in South Carolina, didn’t get the vaccines they expected though because of President’s Day.

If you wanted to go elsewhere, you probably wouldn’t have much luck. The severe weather delayed vaccinations in 22 states. South Carolina notified all of its vaccine providers shipments may be delayed as well as Wednesday and Thursday.

It is because of heavy snow impacting two of the main Fedex and UPS shipping hubs in Memphis and Louisville. Some states like Texas where people are waking up to record freezing temperatures are concerned about power outages affecting their ability to keep vaccines cold.

In North Carolina, Gaston County’s largest clinic is affected by weather. Officials said 1,200 appointments at the Gastonia Farmers Market Wednesday were canceled. It would have been for people getting their first shot. They have rescheduled for next Friday, Feb. 26.

Officials are promising to get the nationwide effort back on track.