Carowinds ride briefly stalls, stranding riders 150 feet up

CHARLOTTE — No one was hurt after a ride at Carowinds stopped, leaving approximately 60 people stuck in mid-air Saturday afternoon.

A viewer sent Channel 9 photos after he said he noticed the WindSeeker stopped more than half way up the ride that stands more than 300 feet tall.

Carowinds Special Section

"I was scared for those people who were just hanging there," said Raul Liberato. "Their legs (were) swinging. I'm just glad it wasn't me."

The WindSeeker is a swing ride that Carowinds' website touts one of the tallest rides built at the park.

Channel 9 reached out to officials who confirmed the ride stopped at 2:45 p.m. and passengers were stuck on-board for approximately 15 minutes.

A spokesperson said the ride stopped as a safety mechanism when it detects something is wrong. Park officials do not know what caused it to stop. 

No one was hurt. Park-goers were allowed back on the ride after officials determined it was safe to do so.

This is not the first time the WindSeeker has experienced problems. A couple of years ago a viewer showed cellphone video a man took while being stuck on the ride for an hour.

The WindSeeker also broke down the summer before that, prompting an internal review into the safety of the ride nationwide.

Riders were stranded on children's ride The Flying Ace Aerial Chase last weekend. State inspectors checked the ride Monday and did not find any problems.

In the past Carowinds has told Channel 9 each ride is inspected, check-listed and properly maintained on a daily basis.