• Woman accused of swindling men for love and using fake badge to do it


    CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. - A Catawba County woman is accused of swindling men for love and using a fake badge to do it.

    Investigators said Riane Brownlee, 38, already had a history of identity theft, fraud and forgery, but a new case focuses on allegations that she took a turn into the world of online dating.

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    Court documents stated Brownlee's ex-husband found pictures of her posing with a fake FBI ID and badge that she used on a fake profile claiming she was an agent.

    One victim contacted police in February saying he met Brownlee through a dating site. The man said Brownlee showed him a fake ID with the name "FBI Special Agent Alexandia Mancini" on it and she claimed to be conducting a counter-drug operation that day.

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    According to court documents, an acquaintance told detectives that Brownlee met men for sex and then stole their credit card information while using fake names.

    When officers arrested Brownlee in February, they said she was in a stolen car and had the fake FBI ID in her possession.

    Officials also said she had a stolen loaded gun, but she's not allowed to have a gun because she is a felon.

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