• Woman arrested for pointing gun at drivers on I-77 in Rock Hill

    By: Greg Suskin


    ROCK HILL, S.C. - A terrifying incident on I-77 in Rock Hill has one woman afraid to glance at other drivers alongside her.

    York County sheriff's deputies charged a woman with pointing a loaded gun at two drivers in busy traffic on Monday.

    One of the victims got on I-77 at Highway 901 south of Rock Hill, and she hadn't even driven a mile when, she said, a woman in the next lane aimed a gun at her.

    "I floored it because she had it pointed right at me," driver Amy Acerenza said.

    Acerenza said she was coming home from work and was shocked to see a black Subaru stopped in a lane on the highway.

    "In the road, like, a full stop,” Acerenza said.

    (Amber Moore)

    Acerenza said she went around the car, got into the left lane, and kept driving. Moments later, the same car was next to her, and, deputies said, the driver, 32-year-old Amber Moore, of Columbia, South Carolina, had a gun.

    "So, whenever I looked over, that's when I saw the barrel of a gun pointed at me, over and over,” Acerenza sad.

    Acerenza said she hit the gas, hoping that, if the woman fired a shot, it would miss her and hit the back of her car.

    A trucker called 911 and told deputies the woman pointed the gun at him.  He braked, swerved and then followed her.

    Acerenza saw the woman's face and said she looked afraid.

    "It wasn't an angry face, like road rage, and I knew it wasn't some type of road rage because nobody was near her,” Acerenza said.

    Deputies stopped the woman near Exit 77 in Rock Hill and arrested her.

    They said Moore had a .380 pistol with one round in the chamber and four loaded magazines.

    Moore, who is still in jail, told officers she thought drug dealers were following her.

    The trucker told Channel 9 that Moore was so close, he could see the two-tone black and gold color of the gun, which Moore had aimed at his face.

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