Woman gets scam call, attorney general answers phone

Woman gets scam call, attorney general answers phone

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A scammer got more than he bargained for Monday morning.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein was at the Valerie Woodard Center in northwest Charlotte to warn seniors about scams during a “Scam Jam.”

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He was talking about robocalls when someone in the audience held up her phone and said a con artist was calling her at that moment.

"She dragged the guy on the call a little bit, then, finally, I took the phone and told him he was breaking the law, and he hung up on me and the room found it pretty entertaining," Stein told Action 9's Jason Stoogenke.

What to do if you get a call from a scammer:

Don't answer numbers you don't recognize.

Never give your personal information to people who call you out of the blue, even if they say they're with the IRS, jury duty, Microsoft, etc.

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