• 'I'm deeply sorry for all of this,' says man charged in fatal Burke County crash

    By: Dave Faherty


    GLEN ALPINE, N.C. - Christopher Ogilvie is heading to jail in a wheelchair after a two-vehicle crash on Highway 70 west of Glen Alpine in Burke County.

    He is charged with DWI and driving with a revoked license in a deadly head-on crash.

    Ogilvie was also charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    Ogilvie, who was injured in the March 13 accident, told Channel 9 repeatedly he doesn't remember getting behind the wheel or the crash that killed 54-year-old Lisa Kirby.

    "I don't remember anything. I remember waking up in the hospital,” Ogilvie said.

    (Lisa Kirby)



    The impact of the collision caused Kirby's car to flip over.

    Greg Gentieu, with the North Carolina Highway Patrol, said Ogilvie told him he doesn’t remember a thing from the collision.

    “That's what he told me when I went and picked him up at the hospital. He didn't know why I was there,” Gentieu said.



    "I couldn't, it still hasn't sunk in yet,” said Ronnie Gentry, Kirby's cousin. “(It) still hasn't sunk in yet, but by the grace of God, we'll be alright."

    Ogilvie was driving a pickup truck when he crossed the centerline and struck Kirby's car, troopers said.

    He was flown from the scene by medical helicopter.

    Ogilvie’s license was suspended after he was convicted in connection with a high-speed chase and a felonious restraint case in McDowell County where investigators said he also violated his probation.  

    "That was a one-time thing,” Ogilvie said.

    Charges are pending in the case, and some of Ogilvie's blood will be tested for impairment, troopers said. 

    Kirby’s family members said they want justice.

    "He's to blame, but I hope he is right with the Lord,” Gentry said. 

    Ogilvie, who is in jail on a $9.000 bond, apologized for the crash.

    "I'm deeply sorry for all of this. I truly am,” he said.

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