• Action 9: Woman pays $30,000 for psychic session

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    The industry of fortune telling isn’t one that is always taken seriously, but one woman claims she was tricked out of $30,000 after she hired a local psychic.
    Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke looked into whether the state does anything to protect you from being taken advantage of by psychics.
    The victim who wants to remain anonymous, said she’s embarrassed, but wants to share her story.  She said she met a man and wanted him to fall in love with her.
    So as embarrassing as it is to admit now, she went to a psychic for help.
    Stoogenke called that business.  The woman who answered said she lives in Ohio now.  She said she doesn't know the woman, and never took $30,000 from any client.
    Tamara Caulder with Carolina Ghost Girl has nothing to do with this case, and hates hearing stories that make psychics look bad.
    Caulder said she’s a real one, but realizes most people are skeptical of her line of work.

    "It turns my stomach because people put me in that category.” Caulder said.  “This is why I didn't come out for years.  But, I mean, I do a live show.  People can see it in the progress.”

    She said if you do use someone like her, think of it as entertainment.  Be suspicious of anyone promising real results.

    "It's very sad that there are people out there like that. That want to take advantage of people." Caulder said.

    It made Stoogenke wonder if just anyone can open a psychic business in North Carolina.  Stoogenke checked city, county, and state laws, and couldn’t find many rules regulating psychics.  And, only found one rule regulating psychics.  A privilege tax in the city of Charlotte if you work out of your home or shop, but not a festival or performance.

    Caulder also said potenial clients should research it like they would anything else.

    It isn't the same thing as therapy, or marriage counseling.  You shouldn't be going every week for advice.



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