• Woman wins civil suit against Salisbury after arrest

    By: Trish Williford


    SALISBURY, N.C. - A Salisbury resident was awarded thousands of dollars after she filed a civil lawsuit against the city.

    In 2009, Felicia Gibson said she was manhandled and arrested by a Salisbury police officer after she shot video of a traffic stop and high speed chase that happened in front of her house.

    Gibson was charged with resisting arrest, but the charges were later dropped.

    Months later, she filed a civil lawsuit against the city of Salisbury. They settled the case for $25,000.

    "Now that it's over, I feel it's not over because this officer still has authority," said Gibson. The officer remains on the Salisbury police force.

    Eyewitness News reached out for comment from the city. The city’s attorney said the case was resolved in a manner that was satisfactory on both sides.

    Gibson's attorney saidboth her First and Fourth Amendment rights were violated.

    The Salisbury Police Department will pay her $5,000. The rest of her $25,000 will come from insurance.

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