• Woman says neighbor's dogs make house difficult to sell

    By: Ken Lemon


    GASTONIA, N.C. - A woman said eight dogs at a house on Caswell Court in Gastonia are making it nearly impossible to sell her home.

    A man she hired to put up a fence at the property said he was almost attacked and police got involved Thursday.

    Eyewitness News reporter Ken Lemon went to the neighborhood and spotted one of the dogs wandering freely.

    Animal Control officials said since January of last year, they have had three unexplained calls of dogs running loose in the neighborhood. They can't say for sure if the dogs are from the yard on Caswell Court.

    Vickie Carpenter hired Chuck Morris to install a privacy fence, and Morris said a dog charged at him.

    “They have me made into a believer that they will bite you," Morris said.

    Carpenter said tenants who have rented this home in the Governor's Square community have had to run when the dogs made it into their backyard.

    The dog owner said his dogs won't leave the yard, despite reports of pit bulls roaming loose in the neighborhood.

    He said the dog roaming around on Thursday wasn't his and that he was keeping it for someone.

    Police agreed to move the dogs temporarily.

    Carpenter worries that even with a privacy fence, no one will buy her house.

    "(I'm) Disappointed because we are losing money," Carpenter said.

    The dogs’ owner moved them away so that they can complete work on this privacy fence. Carpenter said she may have to go to court to get this resolved. 

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