• Woman shares chilling details after having knife pulled on her in traffic

    By: Stephanie Tinoco


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Jazzmine Acevedo said she was leaving SouthPark Mall on Tuesday afternoon when a driver behind her pulled out a knife in the middle of traffic.

    Acevedo said she is still traumatized after being threatened at a stoplight.

    "I have anxiety. She doesn't know what kind of trauma this has caused me,” she said. “Once I got home, I realized the danger I was really in."

    Acevedo said she quickly took a picture of the aggressive driver's car and the driver waving the knife at her.

    "By this point, I’m just shocked that, not only is she hopping out of the car, but she's hopping out of the car holding a knife,” Acevedo said.

    Acevedo said the aggression didn’t end there.

    "She slams (the knife) down on the top and drags it across and then slams it down on the side and drags it across,” Acevado said. “I was really shocked. Like, I was so stunned.”

    Acevedo said she was so shaken up, she couldn't remember much about the female driver except her expression.

    "That smile is something I can't get out of my head,” Acevedo said. “Just the look, she knew she had a knife and she knew she was going to use it, and that was the scariest part."

    Acevedo is hoping someone who saw the act of rage will report it to police.

    "I definitely do hope that at least someone can back my story,” Acevedo said.

    Acevedo said she plans to press charges.

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