• Woman stands by husband 6 years after he killed their 2 daughters

    By: Sarah Rosario


    MATTHEWS, N.C. - A woman still stands by her husband six years after he killed their two daughters. David Crespi is serving life without parole for the crime his wife blames on prescription drugs. Now she's working to get him freed and to raise awareness about the dangers of anti-depressants.

    Kim Crespi said she visits her husband in prison every week. She said despite what he did he's still a good man.

    "It wouldn't have happened without the prescriptions. David Crespi never acted like this ever in his life," said Crespi.

    Crespi said her husband was a victim to the psychotic drugs he was prescribed. She calls what he was on a cocktail of drugs that changed who he was and turned him violent. She claims he had no mental control of what he was doing.

    "David is a lovely person who one day did something horrible, and I would like that to not happen to somebody else. If it happened to us, I think it can happen to anybody,"

    Next week she plans to host a public forum with speaker David Carmichael, who killed his 11 year old son while on an antidepressant. A Canadian judge found him not criminally responsible on account of a mental disorder. Crespi hopes their stories combined will save lives.

    "It's an opportunity and I think it's an opportunity to educate other people. When someone goes on these drugs they need to be monitored my family members. So many people are on these drugs and many don't find they have issues, especially the ones we've been facing, but it does happen," said Crespi.

    While Crespi is trying to get her husband freed, she says her priority is helping others.

    The Forum will take place next Thursday at the South Charlotte Banquet Center. It will begin at 7 p.m. More information is available at http://www.DavidCarmichael.com

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