York County sheriff sends condolences to Florence officers

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — York County’s sheriff sent his condolences to the officers in Florence, South Carolina on Thursday.

"We are on a road that is not too far ahead of where Florence is now,” said Sheriff Kevin Tolson.

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Nine months ago, York County said goodbye to one of their own.

Detective Mike Doty and three other officers were ambushed by a suspect. Doty died from his injuries.

"This is a deep wound that takes a long time to heal,” said Tolson.


He said some of his officers have offered to visit Florence and pay their respects to the officers there.

On Wednesday, a 30-year veteran of the Florence Police Department, Terrence Carraway, was shot and killed.

Investigators said officers were serving a warrant when the suspect opened fire on them.

"You prepare for every scenario and you face danger. You can't always remove an element of danger. There was an element of surprise just like there was in January,” Tolson said.

Tolson encouraged people to donate to the officers.

He said the same nonprofit that collected money for YCSO in January is doing the same for officers in Florence.

[DONATE: Terrence Carraway Memorial Fund]

[DONATE: Wounded Florence Officers Fund]

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