‘You can’t live here’: Residents take stock of damage after apartment complex floods

Residents take stock of damage after apartment complex floods

MOUNT HOLLY, N.C. — There is still a threat of floods are last week’s heavy rain and with more rain on the way this week. Duke Energy crews are aggressively moving water through the system and warning people along the Catawba River to pay close attention.

Channel 9 has been keeping an eye on water levels since storms last week, including McMullen Creek in Cotswold near Addison and Robinhood roads.

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More than a dozen families in a Mount Holly apartment complex are already dealing with the aftermath of flooding after last week’s storms. From soggy floors and mold concerns to walls that need repairs -- some are now forced to leave.

“You can’t live here,” resident Delia Davis said. “This is crazy, insane. I’m having to pack my car full of stuff maybe to live in my car.”

Watch the video above as Channel 9′s Gaston County reporter Ken Lemon spoke to a resident in the complex, who said she had to go to the hospital after trying to spend the night there.

Community along Catawba River concerned about flooding with more rain ahead