• Making the time for breast cancer


    Hi, I’m Kristin! I’m an Internet Sales Executive here at WSOCTV.com and I’ll be walking this fall in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

    As the daughter and granddaughter of some amazing women who have successfully beaten breast cancer, this issue truly hits close to home for me. Watching Mom and Nanna go through their experiences taught me not only how commanding and aggressive cancer can be, but how powerful and resilient the women affected can be too.

    Admittedly, when my Nanna was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was a selfish teenager. At almost 16, my focus was my friends, getting my driver’s license, boys, soccer and my family (in that order). Of course I visited my Nanna, called frequently to check on her, and prayed constantly for her recovery. But in the back of my mind I always knew she would be fine. Breast cancer took a back seat in my life.

    Similarly, when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer I was a selfish college student. At 20, my focus was my friends, turning 21, boys, my family and studying (also in that order). Of course I came home often, helped take care of my mom after her surgeries and prayed constantly for her recovery. She put on the toughest front, never crying or complaining once. We both knew she would be fine, so breast cancer took a back seat in my life.

    Now at 27, I’m married and we’re first-time home owners. I have some great friends who I love to travel frequently to see. My husband and I love taking weekend trips across the East Coast, going out to see some live music, and playing on a Thursday night bowling league together. I’m also mom to a little rambunctious puppy! For the first time in my busy life however, I’m going to make time. I’m not going to let breast cancer take a back seat. It’s time for me (and all of us!) to take a proactive stand against breast cancer and to do our part to invest in the continued research that saved my mom and Nanna.

    I’m committed to be part of Team 9/64. I’m committed to raising at least $1,800 myself in support of breast cancer research and to help women in the Charlotte area who can’t afford to get screenings or treatment. I’m committed to giving breast cancer the front seat and the attention it deserves, because one day it could be me or another powerful and resilient woman I love who is diagnosed.

    Visit www.avonwalk.org today and learn more about why you too should make time to make a difference. Because the more of us who walk, the more of us survive.