• Lobbyists want federal gas tax raised

    By: Jacqueline Fell


    WASHINGTON D.C. - Money for fixing potholes, roadways, and bridges is running low. The nation’s largest business and labor lobbying groups are headed to Capitol Hill, renewing their push to raise the federal gas tax.

    Lobbyists say the United States needs a predictable, stable and growing source of income.

    Federal gas taxes were last raised in 1993. Business and labor leaders want Congress to phase in a 15 cent per gallon increase over the next three years.

    This winter has taken a toll on most roads across America.

    Thomas Stanley would pay more, and he is used to it. Stanley recently moved from Toronto where gas is nearly $5 a gallon.

    “They have a graph right on the pump that shows it’s all due to taxation so you understand what you’re paying for,” said Stanley.

    Other drivers are not happy with the idea of paying more for gas.

    It is not an easy sell to Congress, and other proposals to generate money are being introduced.

    Business and labor leaders say lawmakers need to do what is right, and not what is politically convenient.

    A 2012 survey by San Jose State University found 58 percent of Americans would support a gas tax increase if that money would be used to build and maintain roads and mass transit.

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