• Supplies remain scarce in the Northeast


    Supplies are still scarce in the Northeast.

    For millions of drivers stranded because of hurricane Sandy, the dire situation is not expected to get much better for a few more days.

    Sunday morning some of the much needed gasoline started trickling in slowly. FEMA workers coordinated the free gas delivery in Freehold, N.J.

    Across the region there are areas where help has not arrived yet.

    It's the same frustrating feeling millions have endured for nearly a week now, lining up, on-foot and in cars, for hours on end, just to get a gallon of gas.

    However, help is on the way -- 22 million gallons of gas the feds promised to hard hit areas is now making its way to shuttered gas stations.

    After waiting out in the cold for about an hour people are able to get gas, but still have to trek home by foot.

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    Supplies remain scarce in the Northeast