• NC lawmakers move to override governor's veto of 'born-alive' abortion legislation

    By: Gina Esposito , GARY D. ROBERTSON, Associated Press


    RALEIGH, N.C. - North Carolina lawmakers could take a stand Monday in the growing national debate on abortion rights. 

    Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed a measure written by Republicans and backed by social conservatives that addresses a doctor's responsibilities if an abortion results in an infant born alive.

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    Cooper announced his decision in April -- two days after the General Assembly sent him a measure telling health care practitioners to grant those newborns the same protections as other patients.

    Those who don't could face a felony and active prison time, along with fines and potential civil damages.

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    Cooper's veto message echoed those of abortion-rights supporters opposed to the "born-alive" measure. He says current laws already protect newborns and the bill "is an unnecessary interference between doctors and their patients."

    The North Carolina Senate already voted to override the governor's veto. It will head to the House Monday night.

    They will need a three fifths majority vote to override the veto, meaning Republican lawmakers will need Democratic support. 

    A federal judge is also looking at another long standing ban on abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. 

    The ruling is expected in June. 

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