• Transparency bill directed to go through a dozen committees

    RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - A first-term North Carolina legislator's attempt to expand General Assembly transparency will have to withstand plenty of daylight before it could ever become law.

    House Republican leaders decided the measure from Democratic Rep. Ray Russell of Boone must clear 12 different committees before reaching the floor. Rarely are bills heard by a handful of committees, let alone a dozen.

    Russell told WRAL-TV he's prepared to defend his bill but the maze of committees likely means it's going nowhere.

    Mark Coggins is policy adviser for House Rules Committee Chairman David Lewis. Coggins wrote by email "we felt Rep. Russell's bill needs ample time in the sunshine."

    The measure would prohibit late-night House and Senate sessions, block parliamentary maneuvers that conceal authors of amended legislation and provide 24-hour notice before floor votes.

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