• Obama to bring jobs plan to Raleigh Wednesday

    WASHINGTON, D.C.,None - President Barack Obama launched an all-out push to get his jobs plan passed.

    On Monday, he officially introduced the $447 billion package to Congress.

    Obama told Congress to act immediately and said he doesn't want any games.

    The exact wording of the bill has not been seen yet, but so far, a good amount of Republicans are not saying no to it.

    Obama spoke in the Rose Garden flanked by those who would benefit the most: teachers, police officers, firefighters and construction workers hoping for the roughly 2 million jobs experts expect it to create.

    The president began a campaign-style sweep last week in Richmond, Va., home of House Republican leader Eric Cantor who's not ruling out backing the plan.

    "That's the spirit with which I'm here today, committed to working with the president and the other side to actually doing something that can help people get back to work," he said.

    The White House said the bill saves $467 billion. It would come from taxes on hedge fund managers, oil and gas companies and corporate jet owners.

    The president will be in Raleigh on Wednesday. He will give a speech on his jobs plan at N.C. State University.

    He will also visit a small business in Apex called Weststar Precision. It's a business the White House said will benefit from the American Jobs Act.

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