• Police Seize $500K Worth Of Black Tar Heroin From Charlotte Apartment

    CHARLOTTE, N.C.,None - Police and federal agents made a major black tar heroin bust in east Charlotte.

    They raided an apartment near Central Avenue and North Sharon Amity Road. Police said they and federal agents had been working the case for a year.

    Investigators said they had reason to believe there was so much heroin in the apartment that they wanted to move on it before it got out on the street.

    Police said they found 8 pounds of black tar heroin, which has a street value of $500,000.

    "If you break it down, (that's) 36,000 individual injections of heroin," one undercover officer said. "That's what that really boils down to."

    Officers said no one was home at the time, so no arrests were made.

    In June, police said Charlotte is one of the five-worst U.S. cities for black tar heroin use.

    More Information: CMPD Crime Mapping

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    Police Seize $500K Worth Of Black Tar Heroin From Charlotte Apartment

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