• Billy Yow


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    Q: Address: A: 1416 Country Lake Dr Greensboro, NC 27406

    Q: How long have you lived in the 6th district of North Carolina? A: 47 years

    Q: Family A: Wife, Kerri Daughter: Brandy (25) Son: Colon (24)

    Q: Education: A: High School GED

    Q: Previous political experience: A: Guilford County Commissioner, 10 years Vice Chairman, Guilford County Commissioners, 1 year Guilford County Board of Health, 3 years Guilford County Audit Committee, 3 years Guilford County Construction Advisory Board, 4 years Guilford County Evaluation Committee, 4 years Local Emergency Planning Committee, 5 years School Construction Committee, 1 year Liaison to Animal Shelter, 1 year Humane Society Committee, 1 year Inmate Welfare Reform, 1 year Water/Sewer Master Planning Committee, 3 years

    Q: Previous professional experience: A: 25 years owner/operator of D&Y Well Drilling, Inc

    Q: Community, Political and Religious organizations in which you are involved: A: Scottish Rite, 32nd Degree Guilford Masonic Lodge 656 NC Septic Tank Association IGSHPA Oriental Shrine Oasis Shrine Guilford County Home Builders Association Randolph County Home Builders Association

    Q: Your campaign website address: A: www.billyyowforcongress.com

    Q: Why are you running for Congress? A: The citizens of District 6 need a strong voice and a leader with common sense. America is too far in debt, and congress is continuing to spend without thought, it has to stop. Americans can no longer afford to let congress stay on the path that they are. If we do, American will be so far in the hole that our children and grandchildren will have a difficult time getting ahead and enjoying the opportunities that many of us have had.

    Q: What are the greatest challenges facing people who live in the 6th district of North Carolina and what would you do to address those challenges that would make voters choose you? A: We must address jobs and the debt. The unemployment is district 6 is as high as 14% in some areas and 11% in others. We have to get these people back to work. We need to make capital available to small businesses so that they can get back to work. We must change our strategy so we stop "bailing out" companies, and start providing the accessibility to resources so businesses can move forward in a stable economic environment. The federal government should not be an owner of private businesses. We have to stop the wasteful spending in Washington and make each expenditure stand on its own merits, no more earmarks.

    Q: What are the first changes you would work to implement if you are elected? A: We have to work on sound economic policies that make sense for the future, policies that look to the future and solve problems instead of just covering them up. We can't continue to throw money at our problems and think they will go away. We also need to address the problems that our veterans face when they return from service. We must put in place a system that makes services accessible to our veterans and doesn't require months of red tape for our veterans to learn what they are qualified for.

    Q: What prior experience do you have that best prepares you for this office? A: 10 years as a Guilford County commissioner and a small business owner for 25 years. Having had to make payroll and survive in these tough economic times with government hands in the banking industry creating many challenges for businesses like mine. My business background provides the experience to recognize what the issues are and the experience to develop workable, common sense solutions that will move America forward and help us provide a better future for our children.

    Q: What is the toughest criticism you think you will face in this election, and what is your response to that criticism? A: My toughest criticism will probably be that I don't have a college degree. My response is that I have a tremendous amount of education through the college of life. While I may not have spent the years reading about the theories in college, I have been in the trenches working, struggled beside the people that I will represent, and know how challenging it is in today's environment. As a small business owner, I know how difficult it is to get working capital, to deal with employees, and to balance work with family.

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