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    Q: Address: A: 3431 Robert Cornwell Road Lawndale, NC 28090

    Q: How long have you lived in Cleveland County? A: 46 Years

    Q: Family A: Married to Jane Allen Gordon for 37 Years. Three Married daughters, two granddaughters and expecting two grandsons in the fall.

    Q: Education: A: • Advanced Law Enforcement certificate from the Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission • Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate from NC Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission

    Q: Previous professional experience: A: • 24 years of service with Cleveland County Sheriff's Office (have served in every division within the department; began as a Detention Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Deputy Sergeant, Sergeant in the Criminal Investigative Division, Lieutenant over Sheriff's Specialized Task Force, Patrol Lieutenant, and 7 ½ years as Chief Deputy Sheriff.

    • Four years with the NC Department of Motor Vehicles as a Vehicle Enforcement Officer.

    Q: Community, Political and Religious organizations in which you are involved: A: • Deacon at Double Shoals Baptist Church; • Mason and member of Lawndale Masonic Lodge # 486 and previously served as Master of the Lodge; • Member of the Piedmont Shrine and Scottish Rite; • Member and President of the Cleveland County Law Enforcement Officers' Association; • Member of the Board of Directors for the Cleveland County Alliance for Health; • Board Member of the Cleveland County Safe Kids' organization; • Board Member of the Cleveland County Children's Home organization; • Board Member of the NC Law Enforcement Officers' Association; • Member of the NC Jail Administrators' Association; • Former Democratic Precinct Chair for Town of Lawndale • Small Business Owner.

    Q: Your campaign website address: A: GordonforSheriff2010.com

    Q: Why are you running for sheriff? A: I have spent my entire career working to serve the citizens of Cleveland County. With 24 years experience, serving in every division within the agency, I feel that my experience can have a tremendous impact on the agency if elected to lead it. Having served as second in command for the past 7 ¼ years, I feel I am ready and qualified to assume command of the department and begin working to improve the department to better serve the citizens of Cleveland County Dept

    Q: What are the greatest challenges facing people who live in Cleveland County and what would you do to address those challenges that would make voters choose you? A: Every citizen deserves to feel safe in their own home. Our senior citizens need to be educated on how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud or identity theft. It's certainly abundantly clear that Cleveland County's unemployment rate continues to rise and our economy continues to be uncertain. For the past two years, it's been a challenge to scrutinize our county budget and find ways to reduce spending so that we could maintain our current work force, when nearby counties were not so fortunate and suffered reductions in personnel. As you well know, with rising unemployment and an uncertain economy, crime can increase. I plan to assemble a proactive administrative team that will work with the citizens and business owners to find ways of reducing home and business break ins, gang/and drug activity and identity theft.

    Q: What are the first changes you would work to implement if you are elected? A: The first thing that must occur is to assemble the best professional administrative team to address our community's needs and quickly respond to them. I pledge to ensure that we cross train employees for a well-rounded organization, while creating promotional opportunities. I plan to spend a large portion of my time within each community, listening to your problems and concerns and together, resolving them. The open-door policy will remain in effect where citizens can feel welcome to visit the department. I also plan on organizing regular meetings with area law enforcement leaders to address all our community problems. I would also like to assign an investigator to work only on cold cases. .

    Q: What prior experience do you have that best prepares you for this office? A: I have served the citizens of Cleveland County through the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office for 24 years. I have served with four different Sheriffs and have worked within every division within the agency. For the past seven and one half years, I have served as second in command to Sheriff Raymond Hamrick. During his illness, I ensured that the department continued to operate and meet the needs of our citizens. As I was involved in the planning process for the new Detention Center, I would look forward to its opening, creating valuable new jobs for our community and easing the over crowded conditions for our inmates.

    I also served for four years with the NC Department of Motor Vehicles, being closely involved with the motoring public. I have been a small business owner for 16 years and know first hand what is involved with running your own business.

    Q: What is the toughest criticism you think you will face in this election, and what is your response to that criticism? A: As I've traveled our community and met with a lot of our citizens, I know that everyone is concerned about whether gang and activity is increasing in our communities. Throughout North Carolina, gang activity is on the rise. Where there's gang activity, there's usually an increase in the sale and manufacture of drugs. Many of our citizens have fallen victim to identity theft. They're also concerned about the increase of internet cafes within our communities.

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