• Denver Leaders Compare City To Charlotte

    DENVER, Colo.,None - With Charlotte in the running to host the 2012 Democratic National Convention, Eyewitness News anchor Blair Miller went to Denver, the site of the last DNC, to see what it takes to win the bid. You can see all of his reports here. For extended coverage of Charlotte's DNC bid, click here.

    Denver is a city surrounded by breathtaking views, but it's the recent political scene that has really changed things in the city.

    When the Democratic National Convention came to the mile-high city in 2008, Mike Dino had a front-row seat as the CEO of the Denver Host Committee. He led the years of planning that went into hosting the event and said he thinks Charlotte has a good shot at being the next pick.

    "From an infrastructure point of view, I can't think of any reason why Charlotte would be at a deficiency," Dino said.

    Dino and many other movers and shakers in Denver are quick to compare Charlotte to Denver before the convention, noting that both are up-and-coming cities but not so big that a political convention could blend in. In addition, both cities have compact downtown areas that are easy to navigate.

    Dino said, like Denver, Charlotte's biggest challenge may be financially supporting a convention.

    "I think Charlotte needs to prove it can raise the money to support the convention production," he said.

    When Denver won the bid, the city raised $52 million just to host the event, mainly by soliciting large corporate donations from in and out of the state.

    Dino said the DNC selection committee will likely have tough questions for Charlotte leaders during their visit.

    "They'll want to look at a financing plan that shows the ability of the city to go out to corporate sponsors and get those commitments and maintaining those commitments to get cash in the back," Dino said. "It's very hard, and it will be hard for Charlotte."

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