• Don Allen

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    Q: Address: A: P.O. Box 96 Mooresboro, NC 28114

    Q: How long have you lived in Cleveland County? A: since 1986

    Q: Family A: Married Carole McBrayer, the daughter of the late John Z. and Mildred W. McBrayer of Mooresboro, NC in 1969. Son of the late Joseph E. and Grace Allen of Clayton, NC. Don and Carole have 2 grown children, one grandson, 2 step grandsons, a step great granddaughter with a step great grandson due in May.

    Q: Education: A: BA degree in Mathmatics from Elon College in 1971. 1974 graduate of North Carolina S.B.I Academy and continuing extensive law enforcement training.

    Q: Previous political experience: A: Won 2006 Republican nomination for Sheriff of Cleveland County.

    Q: Previous professional experience: A: 1971 – 1974 Graham Police Department Reserve o officer 1974 to 2002 Special Agent North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) 2002 to 2008 Kings Mountain Police Reserve officer

    Q: Community, Political and Religious organizations in which you are involved: A: Have served or currently serving:

    Board of Directors for Cleveland Boy's and Girl's Club; Friends of the NRA-Cleveland County; Endowment life member NRA; Piedmont Gun Club; Joe Hines hunt Club; Cleveland County Crime Stoppers; Board of Directors No.7 Volunteer Fire Department; National Association of Eagle Scouts BSA; National Association of Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scouts; NAACP Executive Committee-Cleveland County branch; Sunday School teacher; Team Leader- Brazil Missions; Board of Deacons, Sandy Run Baptist Church; ordained Baptist minister; Cleveland County Republican Party Executive Committee; Society of Former SBI Agents; Little League and AAU and Crest Middle School baseball coach; Crest High School Boosters Club President; 32 degree Mason and member of Friendship Lodge 388; Shriner; Elon alumni

    Q: Your campaign website address: A: DonAllenforSheriff.com

    Q: Why are you running for sheriff? A: My 35 years of law enforcement experience and extensive training along with my commitment to professional standards of excellence and accountability have made me very concerned about who will be our Sheriff for the next four years. I have seen elected officials at all levels of government who seem to be more committed to their own ambitions for power and wealth than living up to their oath. They seem to be too concerned about ‘political correctness' and are ashamed of their faith. Recent events have brought to light that our own Sheriff's office is no exception. I believe it will take a qualified, experienced new Sheriff from outside the existing traditional power structure to regain the public trust in our Sheriff.

    Q: What are the greatest challenges facing people who live in Cleveland County and what would you do to address those challenges that would make voters choose you? A: The current economic conditions in Cleveland County have created extremely high unemployment. Property values have declined. Businesses are struggling to stay afloat. During such times crime increases, domestic violence increases, people become depressed and more people turn to illegal drugs. As Sheriff I will earn the public trust by being an efficient steward of their tax dollars. Unnecessary expenditures will be eliminated. We will get by with what we have and not buy unnecessary equipment and supplies. I will work closely with our county manager and commissioners to reduce spending. During hard times we must reduce spending. I will expect and demand all my employees to earn their pay. I will not accept pay increases for myself and will only accept the base salary for Sheriff as set by the Commissioners. We will all have to do more with less.

    Q: What are the first changes you would work to implement if you are elected? A: I will be on the job and available to the public and the Sheriff's department employees. Political activities by officers will not be allowed while on duty. Political activities will not be a prerequisite for promotions or hiring. I will implement a career development program that emphasizes training and experience. I will encourage employee input to improve services and reduce operating costs. I will implement a zero tolerance for corruption and abuse of authority. I will start immediately to work on restoring the public trust by requiring all officers to endorse the "Law Enforcement Code of Ethics" and "Cannons of Police Conduct". I will hold employees accountable. I will do all I can to assist our officers and staff to have a work environment that makes them proud to say they serve with the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office.

    Q: What prior experience do you have that best prepares you for this office? A: My over 35 years of law enforcement service for the people of North Carolina; my life experiences and commitment to my faith.

    Q: What is the toughest criticism you think you will face in this election, and what is your response to that criticism? A: My opponent's supporters have criticized me for being unafraid to stand up for my faith and also for being a former SBI agent. "A preacher should be in church" and "we don't need another SBI agent" have been criticisms.

    My faith is part of who I am. While serving as a Chaplain for the Cleveland County Sheriff's Department I was recommended for ordination by an ordination committee from the Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association. Following ordination service at Oak Grove Baptist Church, I have served as an interim and supply pastor and led mission teams in Brazil but the Lord has not called me to pastor a church. In the position of Sheriff what better way to serve God and use my 35 years experience in law enforcement. Certainly government needs more Christians willing to stand up for their beliefs and minister to all of God's children with the talents God has given them.

    As for the criticism of being a SBI agent, this is a reference to a former Sheriff who had been a SBI agent. This is an attempt to say my administration would be just like his. It would not. If this kind of thinking were true then we could also think that every candidate who runs for the office of Sheriff who has ever worked at our Sheriff's Department would be like our current Sheriff and there would be no change.

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