• Marc Walker

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    Q: Address: A: 8084 Fairfield Forest Rd Denver, NC 28037

    Q: How long have you lived in Lincoln County? A: I have been a resident of Lincoln County for 15 years. I am a North Carolina native and was born in Caldwell County.

    Q: Family A: My wife is Glenda Walker and she is the Director of Elementary Education with the Lincoln County Schools and we have one son, Logan, who attends North Lincoln High School.

    Q: Education: A: Hudson High School, Graduate, 1975. Gardner-Webb College, BA Degree, English, 1979. Over 3,000 hours of law enforcement training. Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate.

    Q: Previous political experience: A: None.

    Q: Previous professional experience: A: I have been with the North Carolina Highway Patrol for over 27 years. Some of my work history accomplishments include: • 27 Years of Law Enforcement Experience • Field Training Officer Since 1986 • Founding Member of the North Carolina Highway Patrol Drug Interdiction Team • Certified Background Investigator • Over 3,000 Hours of Law Enforcement Training Including: Clandestine Drug Labs, Domestic Terrorism and Hostage Situations, Ethics Training Including 27 Years of Practical Experience, Juvenile Law and Domestic Violence Issues

    Q: Community, Political and Religious organizations in which you are involved: A: My family and I attend Liberty Baptist Church in Maiden.

    I currently serve as the Board Chairman of the East Lincoln Fire Department effectively overseeing a budget of over $1.3 million tax payer dollars and the management of some 50 plus personnel at the department.

    Q: Your campaign website address: A: www.walkerforsheriff.org

    Q: Why are you running for sheriff? A: I am running for Sheriff because people approached me from the community and saw a need for a leader who, as the top law enforcement officer in the county, would be an independent executive that is forward thinking and constantly finding the best ways implementing professional standards at the Lincoln County and transform the department. The Sheriff's Office under my leadership will be a rapidly changing and advancing law enforcement agency that will endeavor to stay ahead of criminals, not behind them.

    Q: What are the greatest challenges facing people who live in Lincoln County and what would you do to address those challenges that would make voters choose you? A: Aside from the public trust issue, I believe that illegal drugs will continue to present a major problem for our county. The illegal drug trade has the potential to bring with it side effects like gang activity, increased homicides, robberies, and ever increasing cybercrimes that help to fund drug activity. Specifically, through increased and improved community policing, we will have greater and more valuable intelligence that will allow us to address the drug problem. We must think ahead and not just be reactionary. Better training of our officers will also lead to better offense instead of defense, included in that is the recruitment and education of allied agencies. Ideally, we will also focus on prevention. Working closely with the school system, principals and teachers, we can begin to address these potential problems before they occur.

    Q: What are the first changes you would work to implement if you are elected? A: My top three priorities would be to: 1. Restore the public trust by being an honest and accessible Sheriff. 2. Aggressively pursue drug dealers and manufacturers so that Lincoln County is viewed by this criminal element as an inhospitable place to do business. 3. Fight crime where it is most likely to occur. We will place more patrol officers in areas where crime occurs most.

    Q: What prior experience do you have that best prepares you for this office? A: More than anything I believe we have a leadership deficit in Lincoln County and I think my years of experience, both in law enforcement as well as life in general, will allow me to demonstrate the necessary skill set to be the leader our county needs at this important time in our history. From my educational background, my years in sports and my years with the Highway Patrol, all have given me the level headed approach to challenges that I think are necessary to be an effective Sheriff.

    Q: What is the toughest criticism you think you will face in this election, and what is your response to that criticism? A: I have never been employed by the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office, and given the current state of affairs; I believe that is a positive. I am an outsider who can provide the standards and professionalism that is so badly needed. I am the only candidate who can truly reform the department and raise the standard.

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