• Plan to legalize marijuana in NC to be introduced Tuesday

    By: Trish Williford


    RALEIGH, N.C. - Tomorrow, a plan to legalize medical marijuana in North Carolina will be introduced in Raleigh.

    It's a subject that many people have strong opinions about.

    The lawmaker pushing the bill told Eyewitness News now is the time to pass it.

    State Rep. Kelly Alexander will introduce a comprehensive plan to legalize marijuana for medicinal use only.

    His plan would establish a system to register patients, and set up a dispensary system for them to receive the medication. The plan would also devise a system for marijuana growers and put a tax system in place.

    "The public opinion in this state has tipped in the direction that the majority of our citizens think this is something that ought to happen," says Alexander.

    We found mixed reaction to the lawmaker's proposal.

    "We have to have some type of jurisdiction on something and if we start legalizing marijuana, then, there will be an ordinance to legalize the next illegal drug," says Charlotte resident Anna Parks.

    "The state of Colorado just passed the use of recreational marijuana. They had medical marijuana in effect and they've made millions of dollars in tax revenue off of that," says North Carolina resident William Bennett.

    Alexander says a group of 1,000 people from across the state has already signed up to rally and meet with lawmakers about this issue.

    They plan to head to the state capital next week.

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