• Records show murder suspect had history of domestic violence

    CHARLOTTE, N.C.,None - The man accused of murdering his wife faced a judge Wednesday, but it's not the first time he's been accused of violence against her.

    Officers found Catherine Blakeney, 34, dead inside a home on Pheasant Glen Road in northwest Mecklenburg County on Tuesday. They charged 30-year-old Brandon Blakeney with her murder.

    Neighbors said the couple lived in the Pheasant Glen Road home, but no one had seen the woman in weeks.

    "For the past three weeks, we've seen him walking around, not her," said neighbor Shawn Williams. "She normally comes out and smokes but that wasn't happening for the past three weeks."

    SLIDESHOW: Woman found dead in northwest Charlotte home

    "In the wee hours sometimes you would get up and the cops is outside," said neighbor Shoshanna Smith. "You would hear them arguing so loud. Next thing you know, 5-10 minutes later, the cops have come."

    Police said someone called 911 asking them to check on the victim on Tuesday. They said Brandon Blakeny answered the door and allowed the officers to look for Catherine.

    That's when police said they found the body.

    This is not the first time Blakeney has been accused of violence against his wife, though.

    In February, 2010, Catherine accused her then-boyfriend of assaulting her at her home. He was convicted of that assault.

    However, in June of the same year, the couple married.

    SLIDESHOW: Photos from couple's Facebook pages

    Records show problems continued for the couple, though. A year ago, police made two visits to their home in the same day. The first time they showed up for an assault complaint and the second for a domestic disturbance.

    Last month, police made a similar stop at the couple's home.

    "Each time it takes place, it just gets progressively worse," said Mike Sexton, an advocate for domestic violence victims in Mecklenburg County.

    He said the Blakeney's history is common in abusive relationships. But Sexton said there is help available to people who need it.

    "There is a ton of help and it doesn't cost you a think, except some time. Just pick up the phone and call the local hotline," he said.

    That number is 704-332-2513.

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