• SC floods could have major impact on Charlotte commerce

    By: Jim Bradley


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Flooding issues in South Carolina could have an economic impact on business in the Charlotte area.

    Trucking companies said they're likely to experience delays in getting products through some areas of South Carolina. 

    A 70-mile stretch of Interstate 95 between Interstates 20 26 remained closed Monday afternoon. 

    Traffic problems were also present in and around the Columbia area where Charlotte trucker David Davis was heading. 

    "It's a big deal because you've got to get around it,” Davis said. “You've got to get around it somewhere.  Truck's got to go.”

    Major transporters like FedEx and UPS had alerts posted on their website and social media accounts warning of possible pickup and delivery delays. 

    The flooding could produce delays and slowdowns in service for many businesses that depend on the shipment of goods and equipment.

    Rick Todd of the South Carolina Trucking Association said:

    "I do expect we're going to have some pretty substantial disruptions to commerce. I think general businesses that rely on trucks are going to feel it."

    Gary Fissel, Charlotte terminal manager at Roadrunner Intermodal, was watching for new information about South Carolina roads.

    The floodwaters haven't impacted his crews yet but he said he's prepared to take any driver off the road if necessary. 

    "We wouldn't deviate or put somebody in harm's way because the side roads could be worse than the interstates," he said.

    Other trucking companies said they're still not sure what the impact will be but say with so many trucks driving South Carolina interstates delays are almost certainly inevitable.

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