• Seven ways to save money on necessary medications

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Many people claim drug prices are going up, even for generics. They have to decide whether to buy their medications at all. 

    That includes Cassandra Mays.

    She said she has epilepsy, lupus and other illnesses. She said she lives with chronic pain and needs a lot of expensive medicines.

    "I've got decent insurance and it still doesn't cover enough of what I need," she said.

    She has trouble paying the co-pays and she finds herself choosing between her meds and food.

    "It's enough to make you lose sleep.  It really is," she said.

    So Action 9's Jason Stoogenke came up with seven ways to save money on the prescriptions you need:

    1. See if your prescription comes in a generic.
    2. Ask your doctor for samples.
    3. Ask your doctor whether other -- less expensive -- meds will work just as well.
    4. Ask your insurance company where to shop.  It should know which pharmacies charge less for your plan.
    5. See if the drug maker has any discount cards for the meds you use.
    6. Consider alternatives to typical drug stores.  Consider mail order or -- Consumer Reports says -- Costco.  You don't need to be a member to use its pharmacy.
    7. Try N.C. MedAssist.  It gives out free prescriptions to low-income patients, even ones with insurance.  It also gives away over-the-counter drugs at its Uptown Charlotte location once each month.

    CLICK HERE to apply for drugs through North Carolina MedAssist.  

    CLICK HERE for free over-the-counter giveaways.

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