SC student's death leads to bill requiring Uber, Lyft signs

SC student's death leads to bill requiring Uber, Lyft signs

COLUMBIA, S.C. — A bill has been introduced in the South Carolina Legislature to require Uber and Lyft drivers to have illuminated signs days after police say a college student mistakenly got into the wrong car and was kidnapped and killed.

House Speaker Jay Lucas immediately put the bill on the calendar for Wednesday to be debated.

Rep. Seth Rose said the bill was in response to the Friday killing of 21-year-old University of South Carolina student Samantha Josephson.

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Police say Josephson had ordered an Uber ride early Friday, but mistakenly got into a similar car driven by 24-year-old Nathaniel David Rowland.

Police say he killed Josephson with a sharp object and dumped her body.

“The sad thing is, it could have happened to any of us -- that is what is so scary,” USC alumna Madison Owens said.

Rowland skipped a first court appearance, and records do not show if he has a lawyer.

“Anything that could prevent that is a good thing,” USC alumnus Ken Fisher said.

Safety advocates urged college students to match the vehicle color and model, the license tag number, and the photo of their ride-share drivers before getting in a vehicle and make the driver say their names to them before they introduce themselves.

“If they don't know your name, don't get in the car,” a parent, Brian Gregory, said. “Check their license plate, too.”

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