• University of South Carolina raises tuition nearly 3 percent

    COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - The University of South Carolina is raising undergraduate tuition costs for the coming year nearly 3 percent.

    The school's board of trustees approved the increase Wednesday. The school said in a news release that in addition to the 2.9 percent tuition increase, there will also be a 3.5 percent increase in food service and about a 4 percent increase in housing costs, depending on the dorm.

    The combined impact will be about $784 per year for in-state, undergraduate residents.

    Tuition is also going up at USC branch campuses and for graduate students.

    The tuition increase will bring in $11 million in additional revenue. The money will be spent upgrading information technology infrastructure, improving the in-demand programs such as health sciences and data design, and increasing money for USC's police department.

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