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Action 9: Woman frustrated with credit card reward program

CONCORD, N.C. — Merlyn and Steve Brewer moved to Concord from Connecticut but flew back north last November using reward points on their Sears Citi Card.

Merlyn Brewer claims a Citi Card agent told her the $659 cost of two one-way tickets was covered.

"That's what the receptionist told me that 'You're OK, you have everything, you got lots of points,'" Merlyn Brewer said.

But when the charge showed up on her Sears Citi Card account Merlyn Brewer challenged it and refused to pay. That's when the collection phone calls started and she was reported to credit bureaus.

"I feel so bad and mad and frustrated," she said.

Merlyn Brewer tried reaching out to Sears Citi Card and says she got nowhere.

"I tried to deal with them, they keep transferring me from one place to another, sometimes it dial tone," she said.

Action 9 got in touch with Sears Citi Card. That's when the company wrote Merlyn Brewer that they regretted the misunderstanding with her rewards points.

It reduced the charges, leaving the Brewers a $318 balance and cleaned up her credit report. She's making some changes so it doesn't happen again.

"So from now on I have to keep an eye on whatever I purchase and how many points I have," she said.