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    SEPT 11-ANNIVERSARY (sent, developing)








    TRUMP-FEDERAL RESERVE _ President Trump says the U.S. is missing out economically because "Boneheads" at the Federal Reserve won't lower interest rates at his insistence. SENT: 130 words.

    FAKE CURSE _ A Florida woman who had claimed to be a psychic fortune teller has been sentenced to three years and four months in prison for taking $1.6 million from a Texas woman to remove a curse from her family. SENT: 150 words, photo.

    TRUMP COURSE-DAMAGE _ The man charged with breaking into singer Taylor Swift's Rhode Island mansion is accused of causing more than $20,000 damage to President Trump's New Jersey golf course. SENT: 150 words, photos.

    NORWAY-DOG-DEATHS _ Five new cases of mysterious disease found in dogs in Norway. SENT: 130 words.




    SPECIAL ELECTION-NORTH CAROLINA _ Conservative Republican Dan Bishop won a special election for an open House seat in North Carolina, averting a demoralizing Democratic capture of a district the GOP has held for nearly six decades. But his narrow victory didn't erase questions about whether President Donald Trump and his party's congressional candidates face troubling headwinds approaching 2020. SENT: 1050 words, photos, video. UPCOMING: Developments possible.

    IMMIGRATION-MEDICAL TREATMENT_ Congress is holding an inquiry into the Trump administration's decision to stop considering requests from immigrants seeking to defer deportation for medical treatment and other hardships. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Will be updated from midday hearing, 300 words by 4 p.m., photos.

    ELECTION 2020-O’ROURKE _ Democrat Beto O’Rouke is looking to revive low polling and fundraising numbers with a free-wheeling, go-anywhere presidential campaign style that he used to nearly upset Sen. Ted Cruz in Texas last year. UPCOMING: 1100 words by 1 p.m., photos.

    ELECTION 2020-DEBATE _ Democrats prepare to gather for the first time on one stage to debate each other. UPCOMING: 900 words by 4 p.m., photos.

    TRUMP-BOLTON’S EXIT _ It was a marriage that was never going to last: President Donald Trump and national security adviser John Bolton rarely saw eye to eye on the globe's growing hotspots. SENT: 1170 words, photos, video.

    ELECTION 2020-TEXAS _ By holding Thursday's presidential debate in Houston, Democrats are out to show the rest of the country they can finally win again in Texas, propelled by fast-changing suburbs like Prosper that are beginning to trend more liberal after decades of Republican dominance. But for Democrats, the transformation may not come by 2020. SENT: 1035 words, photos.




    SEPT 11-ANNIVERSARY _ Americans commemorated 9/11 with solemn ceremonies and vows Wednesday to "never forget" 18 years after the deadliest terror attacks on American soil. A crowd of victims' relatives assembled at ground zero, where the observance began Wednesday with a moment of silence and tolling bells at 8:46 a.m. _ the moment when a hijacked plane slammed into the World Trade Center's north tower. SENT: 660 words, photos. WITH: _ SEPT 11-ANNIVERSARY-TRUMP _ President Trump observes moment of silence as he marks his 3rd anniversary of 9/11 weighted by his growing frustration about what he calls the 'endless war' in Afghanistan, where al-Qaida conceived the deadly 2001 attacks. SENT: 680 words, photos.

    SEVERE WEATHER _ Severe weather, including a probable tornado, struck eastern South Dakota leaving a trail of damaged buildings, downed power lines, fallen trees and some reports of injuries, officials said. Fire Chief Brad Goodroad said at an early morning news conference that at least 37 structures collapsed in Sioux Falls or have structural issues following the storm that struck just before midnight Tuesday. There were no reports of any fatalities. SENT: 685 words, photos.

    SHOOTING-TEXAS _ The gunman who killed seven people in West Texas over Labor Day weekend was arrested in 2001 for trying to break into a woman's bedroom after threatening to kill her brother, and hospital staff later determined he had "suicidal tendencies," according to arrest reports obtained by The Associated Press. SENT: 900 words, photos.

    TOY HALL OF FAME-FINALISTS _ The smartphone is being considered for induction into the National Toy Hall of Fame this year in recognition of its impact on how people play and interact. The other finalists announced Wednesday are: Care Bears, the coloring book, Fisher-Price Corn Popper, Jenga, Magic the Gathering, Masters of the Universe, Matchbox cars, My Little Pony, Nerf Blaster, Risk, and the top. SENT: 600 words.





    SPAIN-VENEZUELA-SPYMASTER'S FATE _ The man who became Hugo Chávez's eyes and ears in the Venezuelan military is wanted in the United States on drug trafficking charges. Ahead of an extradition hearing in Madrid, retired Maj. Gen. Hugo Carvajal says he wants to help Venezuela's opposition oust current President Nicolas Maduro. His case is being closely watched as a bellwether for how other potential Venezuelan defectors could be treated. By Aritz Parra and Joshua Goodman. SENT: 2,010 words, photos

    ISRAEL-JORDAN VALLEY _ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's last-minute vow to annex the Jordan Valley if re-elected next week has sparked Arab condemnation and injected the Palestinians into a political campaign that had almost entirely ignored them. Netanyahu has made similar promises before but hasn't followed through. His current pledge to annex the Jordanian Valley was widely regarded at home as a campaign stunt to draw in right-wing voters, many of whom live in settlements in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. SENT: 1,130 words, photos.

    BREXIT _ Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament less than two months before Britain is due to leave the European Union was unlawful, a Scottish court rules _ though it said Britain's top court must make the final decision. Judges at the Court of Session in Edinburgh say the government's action was illegal "because it had the purpose of stymieing Parliament." SENT: 580 words, photo

    AFGHANISTAN-CIVILIANS IN THE CROSSFIRE _ Trump's announcement that U.S.-Taliban talks on ending the war in Afghanistan are "dead" is a deeply unfortunate wording for Afghan civilians who have been killed by the tens of thousands over almost 18 years. Many fear the canceled talks will lead to more carnage as the U.S. and Taliban, as well as Afghan forces, step up offensives and people die in the crossfire. As America mourns thousands of civilians killed in the 9/11 attacks, Afghans watch their own toll continue to rise. SENT: 1,120 words, photos.

    JORDAN-RELUCTANT REFUGEES _ Nearly a year after Jordan opened its main border crossing for Syrian refugees to go home, few are taking up the offer. Afraid to return home, unable to earn a decent living in Jordan and unwanted by the West, refugees are trapped in a cycle of poverty and debt while straining the resources of a country that is already struggling to meet the needs of its own population. SENT: 1,130 words, photos.

    FRANCE-EPSTEIN _ French police are appealing for victims and witnesses to come forward to aid their probe into Jeffrey Epstein and anyone else involved in the disgraced financier's alleged sexual exploitation of women and girls, and say they have already interviewed three people who identified themselves as victims. SENT: 425 words, photos.




    BEYOND CHINA-TRUMP’S OTHER TRADE FIGHTS _ President Trump has risked turmoil in the financial markets and damage to the U.S. economy in waging his trade war with China, America’s top strategic rival. But Trump hasn’t exactly gone easy on America’s friends either. From Europe to Japan, the president has stirred up under-the-radar trade disputes that potentially could erupt within weeks or months with damaging consequences. By Paul Wiseman. UPCOMING: 1,200 words by noon, photos.




    NETHERLANDS-EUTHANASIA _ A Dutch doctor was acquitted Wednesday in a landmark trial that prosecutors and physicians hope will help clarify how the country's 2002 euthanasia law can be applied to people with severe dementia. The doctor was cleared of any wrongdoing in carrying out euthanasia three years ago on a 74-year-old woman, who was given fatal doses of drugs despite some indications she might have changed her mind since declaring in writing that she wanted euthanasia. SENT: 450 words, photos.




    TV-RAUL JULIA DOCUMENTARY _ Raul Julia, the versatile Puerto Rican actor whose work on stage and screen opened doors for generations of Latino actors, is the subject of a new documentary. By Russell Contreras. UPCOMING: 600 words, photos.




    BBN--BREWERS-MARLINS _ Christian Yelich and the Milwaukee Brewers didn't need this kind of break. Trying to catch up in the wild-card race, the Brewers instead saw the reigning NL MVP foul a ball off himself and go down with a broken right kneecap Tuesday night. SENT: 830 words, photos.

    FBN--ANTONIO BROWN-LAWSUIT _ New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown has been accused of rape by a former trainer. Britney Taylor says Brown sexually assaulted her on three occasions, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in the Southern District of Florida. Brown has denied the allegations. Darren Heitner, a lawyer representing Brown, told The Associated Press his client plans to countersue. SENT: 700 words, photos.

    WORLD CUP-US-FRANCE _ The U.S. has been ousted from medal contention by France at the World Cup, failing to capture gold at a major international tournament for the first time since the 2006 world championships. By Basketball Writer Tim Reynolds. SENT: 650 words.




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