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    TROPICAL WEATHER _ Building toward hurricane strength, Tropical Storm Barry begins hitting Louisiana with wind and rain as it closes in for what could be a long, slow _ and epic _ drenching that could trigger flooding in and around New Orleans. With the storm expected to blow ashore by early Saturday as the first hurricane of the season, National Guard troops and rescue crews were posted around the state with boats, high-water vehicles and helicopters. Drinking water was lined up. Utility repair crews with bucket trucks moved into position in the region. And homeowners sandbagged their property or packed up and left. By Kevin McGill and Janet McConnaughey. SENT: 850 words, photos. UPCOMING: Developing. (See separate TROPICAL WEATHER section below for more coverage.)

    TRUMP-CENSUS-CITIZENSHIP _ After failing to get his citizenship question on the census, President Donald Trump now says his fallback plan will provide an even more accurate count - determining the citizenship of 90 percent of the population “or more.” But his plan will likely be limited by logistical hurdles and legal restrictions. By Colleen Long and Mark Sherman. SENT: 1,150 words, photos, video. WITH: TRUMP-REVERSALS-ANALYSIS _ Trump’s defiance is part of a now-familiar pattern: create a crisis, retreat, declare victory, move on. SENT: 770 words, photos, video.

    TRUMP-LABOR SECRETARY_ Adding to the lengthy list of departures from President Trump's Cabinet, Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta says he's stepping down amid the tumult over his handling of a 2008 secret plea deal with wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein, who is accused of sexually abusing underage girls. By Darlene Superville and Jill Colvin. SENT: 920 words, photos, video, audio.

    SEXUAL MISCONDUCT-EPSTEIN-CHILDREN'S CAUSES _ In the decade since he pleaded guilty to charges of soliciting a minor for prostitution, Jeffrey Epstein has sought to underwrite all manner of youth causes, such as a baseball program near his retreat in the U.S. Virgin Islands and an all-girls' school a few blocks from his Manhattan mansion. Epstein's donations through his charitable foundations, though not in violation of his status as a sex offender, were nonetheless awkward for some recipients. Several returned the money. By Bernard Condon and Ali Swenson. SENT: 1,000 words, photos. WITH: SEXUAL MISCONDUCT-EPSTEIN _ Information that could shed light on jailed financier Jeffrey Epstein's wealth will be kept secret ahead of a Monday bail hearing. SENT: 150 words, photo.

    ELECTION 2020-DEMOCRATS _ The highly public, racially charged rift between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a clutch of freshmen congresswomen led by Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has spilled into the 2020 Democratic presidential contest. By National Political Writer Steve Peoples. SENT: 1,040 words, photos. Find more coverage on the 2020 U.S. Elections featured topic page on APNewsroom .

    R KELLY-INDICTMENT _ Singer R. Kelly, already facing sexual abuse charges brought by Illinois prosecutors, was arrested in Chicago on sweeping federal indictments that accuse him and members of his entourage of recruiting women and girls to engage in illegal sexual activity with the performer and later paying victims and witnesses to cover up his crimes. By Sara Burnett and Caryn Rousseau. SENT: 850 words, photos.

    TRUMP-REVERSALS-ANALYSIS _ When President Donald Trump shifted his bulldozer of an administration into reverse on getting a citizenship question on the Census, his face-saving efforts to frame the climb-down as a smart move were part of a broader pattern of declaring victory and walking away from a fight. SENT: 780 words, photos, video.




    TROPICAL STORM-STAY OR GO? _ Go or stay? This is the question people in and around New Orleans ask themselves every time a threatening storm lurks in the Gulf. The city has a unique set of circumstances: As underscored by Katrina 14 years ago, oftentimes the properties that are most susceptible to the greatest storm damage are located in marginal areas where residents aren’t able to leave. By Rebecca Santana, Kevin McGill and Janet McConnaughey. SENT: 500 words, photos.

    TROPICAL WEATHER-FLOOD MEMORIES _ Memories of epic flood that caused billions of dollars in damage puts Louisiana's capital on edge Friday as Barry gains strength in Gulf of Mexico more than 150 miles (240 kilometers) away. By Jay Reeves. SENT: 330 words, photos, video

    TROPICAL WEATHER-NEW ORLEANS LEVEES _ Tropical Storm Barry threatens New Orleans with torrential rain that will test the city's flood defenses this weekend. By Michael Kunzelman. SENT: 630 words, photos, video.




    SEPT 11-VICTIMS FUND _ House overwhelmingly approves bill ensuring that a victims compensation fund for the Sept. 11 attacks never runs out of money. SENT: 650 words, photos, video.

    STATEHOUSE MARIJUANA _ Vermont police say they found dozens of cannabis plants in the flower beds in front of the Statehouse. SENT: 150 words, photos.

    ODD--FAIR-DOUGHNUT SYRINGES _ Doughnuts with a side of syringes nixed from the Minnesota State Fair after the offering was roundly criticized. SENT: 150 words.

    SNEAKER AUCTION _ True sneaker heads will get the opportunity to expand their collection as Sotheby's in New York holds its first sneaker auction, including a handmade "Moon Shoe" designed by Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman in 1972. SENT: 130 words, photos.

    BRITAIN-ED SHEERAN _ Ed Sheeran has confirmed for the first time that he and long-time girlfriend Cherry Seaborn are married. SENT: 200 words, photo.

    MEXICO-AVOCADOS _ Mexicans are dismayed by the continued increases in the price for avocados, a staple of the country's cuisine. SENT: 400 words, photo.

    ALBANIA-UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY _ A joint Albanian-American underwater archaeology project says it has found 2,500-year-old amphoras - two-handled jars with narrow necks. SENT: 500 words, photo.




    TRUMP-RYAN _ President Trump lays into former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan as a "baby" and a "terrible speaker" after the former congressman was quoted in a new book as saying that the president didn't know anything about governing and that he retired to get away from him. SENT: 550 words, photos.

    TRUMP _ President Trump barnstorms for his new trade deal with Mexico and Canada during a visit to Wisconsin, hoping its economic impact will help him to retain a battleground state vital to his re-election effort. By Jonathan Lemire. SENT: 880 words, photos, video.

    CONGRESS-IMMIGRATION _ Four House Democratic women who recently toured detention stations for migrants along the Texas border tell a House committee of jam-packed, fetid holding areas and accuse President Trump of intentional cruelty to discourage future arrivals. SENT: 870 words, photos, video. WITH: TRUMP-IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT _ The head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement portrays an upcoming national operation targeting immigrant families as a routine effort. SENT: 690 words, photos.

    UNITED STATES-TURKEY _ The U.S. edges closer to crisis with NATO ally Turkey, which began receiving components of a Russian-made air defense system in defiance of Trump administration warnings that the deal would mean economic sanctions and no access to America's most advanced fighter jet. SENT: 810 words, photo.

    CONGRESS-DEFENSE _ The Democratic-controlled House votes to put a liberalized stamp on Pentagon policy, including a bipartisan proposal to limit President Trump's authority to make war against Iran. SENT: 480 words, photo. WITH: SEPT 11-VICTIMS FUND _ The House overwhelmingly approves a bill ensuring that a victims compensation fund for the Sept. 11 attacks never runs out of money. SENT: 660 words, photo.

    LAWSUIT-TRUMP-FINANCIAL RECORDS _ A federal appeals court seems inclined to side with a House committee seeking some of President Donald Trump's financial records as part of an investigation, a disclosure he is fighting. SENT: 480 words, photos.

    EPA-PESTICIDE AND BEES _ The Environmental Protection Agency will allow farmers to resume broad use of a pesticide over objections from beekeepers, citing private chemical industry studies that the agency says show the product does only lower-level harm to bees and wildlife. SENT: 600 words, photo.

    FACEBOOK-FTC FINE _ Wall Street Journal report says FTC has voted to approve a fine of about $5 billion for Facebook over privacy violations. SENT: 230 words, photos.

    NRA-SUBPOENAS _ Attorney general for Washington, D.C., issues subpoenas to the NRA and its related charitable foundation as part of an investigation into allegations of financial misconduct inside the powerful gun lobbying organization. SENT: 680 words, photo.




    UNION FEES-MEMBERSHIP _ Anticipating that the U.S. Supreme Court might end mandatory union fees for public employees, some labor-friendly states enacted laws last year to protect membership rolls while unions redoubled their recruitment efforts. Those steps appear to have paid off, at least initially. SENT: 1,250 words, photos.

    MEDICAL MARIJUANA GROWERS-UTAH _ Dozens of applicants are vying for one of a handful of coveted spots as state-licensed medical marijuana growers in conservative Utah. State officials expect to award up to 10 licenses later this month. Among the 81 applicants are larger operations already growing hemp in the state, and a handful of out-of-state growers. SENT: 710 words, photos.




    UNITED STATES-TURKEY _ The U.S. edges closer to crisis with NATO ally Turkey over its purchase of a Russian-made air defense system that American officials had warned could trigger sanctions. As Washington weighs its response, Turkey’s access to sophisticated U.S. aircraft and the future of Turkey’s role in the NATO alliance are at stake. SENT: 700 words, photo.

    BRITAIN-CONSERVATIVES _ With Britain set to get a new prime minister in less than two weeks, a look at where things stand in a contest dominated by Britain's stalled EU exit and an unexpected spat with the Trump administration that has cost the UK ambassador in Washington his job. SENT: 1,125 words, photos.

    BRAZIL-GREENWALD-PRESS FREEDOM _ Several weeks after publishing explosive reports about a key member of Brazil's far-right government, U.S. journalist Glenn Greenwald was called before a congressional committee to face hostile questions. "Who should be judged, convicted and in prison is the journalist!" shouted congresswoman Katia Sastre, an ally of President Jair Bolsonaro. SENT: 1,250 words, photos.




    INDIA-MOON MISSION _ India is looking to take a giant leap in its space program and solidify its place among the world's spacefaring nations with its second unmanned mission to the moon, this one aimed at landing a rover near the unexplored south pole. The Indian Space Research Organization plans to launch a spacecraft using homegrown technology on Monday, and it is scheduled to touch down on the moon Sept. 6 or 7. The $141 million Chandrayaan-2 mission will analyze minerals, map the moon's surface and search for water. SENT: 550 words, photos, video. WITH: INDIA-MOON MISSION-TIMELINE _ Ahead of second moon shot, a timeline of India's space program. SENT: 430 words, photos.




    FINANCIAL MARKETS _ The major U.S. stock indexes close at record highs, with the S&P 500 ending above 3,000 for the first time. By AP Business Writer Ken Sweet. SENT: 610 words, photo.

    FORD-VOLKSWAGEN _ Volkswagen will sink $2.6 billion into a Pittsburgh autonomous vehicle company that's mostly owned by Ford as part of a broader partnership on electric and self-driving vehicles, the companies confirmed. The two automakers will become equal owners of Argo AI, a robocar firm that was majority-owned by Ford, with plans to put autonomous vehicles on the roads in the U.S. and Europe. By Business Writers Cathy Bussewitz and Tom Krisher. SENT: 820 words, photos.




    MOON LANDING-MOVIES _ In 1964, Stanley Kubrick, on the recommendation of the science-fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, bought a telescope. “He got this Questar and he attached one of his cameras to it,” remembers Katharina Kubrick, the filmmaker's stepdaughter. “On a night where there was a lunar eclipse, he dragged us all out onto the balcony and we were able to see the moon like a big rubber ball. I don't think I've seen it as clearly since. He loved that thing. He looked at it all the time.” By Film Writer Jake Coyle. SENT: 1,350 words, photos.

    ED HARDY-FLASHY OR FINE ART? _ A new exhibit at a San Francisco museum sheds light on Ed Hardy as a prolific artist and tattoo pioneer. SENT: 750 words, photos.




    TEN--WIMBLEDON _ Roger Federer beats Rafael Nadal in four sets to reach his 12th Wimbledon final; Novak Djokovic awaits in the title match. By Tennis Writer Howard Fendrich. SENT: 1,020 words, photos.

    BKN--ON BASKETBALL-ROCKETS TRADE _ Everyone knows that Russell Westbrook and James Harden played together before, which automatically makes their Houston reunion seem like the right fit. It won't be that easy. They've both changed since those days. But here they are, together again after the Oklahoma City Thunder decided to trade Westbrook to the Houston Rockets for Chris Paul. By Basketball Writer Tim Reynolds. SENT: 730 words, photos.

    GLF-BRITISH OPEN-WOODS _ Tiger Woods won the Masters and the countdown was on _ 15 majors, three more to catch Jack Nicklaus. That now seems much longer ago than three months. As a reminder that Woods is 43 with four back surgeries behind him, he has played only three tournaments _ 10 rounds _ since he slipped on the green jacket. He missed the cut at the PGA Championship. He was never in the mix at the U.S. Open. And now he goes to unfamiliar links _ Royal Portrush _ for the British Open without having played in a month. By Golf Writer Doug Ferguson. SENT: 800 words, photos.




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