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    Israel is holding an unprecedented second national election this year on Tuesday, Sept. 17, after voting last April failed to determine a clear winner. Once again, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party is locked in a tight race with challenger Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party.

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    Here’s a look at AP’s planned coverage:

    FRIDAY, SEPT. 13:

    ISRAEL-ELECTION-POWERLESS PALESTINIANS _ Palestinians have lived under Israeli military rule for more than half a century. But they will have no voice in Israel’s election. By Joseph Krauss and Mohammed Daraghmeh. Photos by Nasser Nasser.

    SUNDAY, SEPT. 15:

    ISRAEL-EMBATTLED NETANYAHU_ A visibly frantic Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the fight of his political life as the country heads to national elections for the second time this year. Locked in a razor tight race and facing the likelihood of criminal corruption charges, a decisive victory may be the only thing to keep Netanyahu out of the courtroom. A repeat of April’s deadlock, or victory by challenger Benny Gantz, could spell the end of the career of the man who has dominated Israeli political life for the better part of three decades. By Josef Federman. Photos.

    MONDAY, SEPT. 16:

    ISRAEL-ELECTION SCENARIOS _ In Israel’s fractured political system, a few votes in one direction or another could have a great impact on the results of Tuesday’s election. A look at the most likely scenarios. By Aron Heller.

    TUESDAY, SEPT. 17:

    ISRAEL ELECTIONS: Israelis take to the polls in a surprise snap election triggered by the failure of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to strike a governing deal with junior partners. Setup story will move overnight with updates throughout the day and evening.


    ISRAEL-SETTLEMENTS _ Netanyahu vows to annex the heart of the West Bank if he wins re-election, a move that could inflame the Middle East and extinguish any remaining Palestinian hope of establishing an independent state. By Josef Federman. Sent: 880 words, photos, video.

    ISRAEL-JORDAN VALLEY _ Netanyahu’s pledge to annex the Jordan Valley sparks an angry Arab rebuke and injects the Palestinians into a campaign that had virtually ignored them. By Mohammed Daraghmeh. Sent: 900 words, photos, video.

    ISRAEL-NETANYAHU’S FOIL _ Avigdor Lieberman entered Israeli politics 20 years ago as a loyal protégé of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Now, the maverick politician could be the one to topple his former mentor. By Aron Heller. Sent: 1,039 words, photos.

    ISRAEL-POLITICS _ Netanyahu fails in his 11th hour bid to legislate that cameras be installed in polling stations to prevent what his supporters claim is voting fraud in Arab districts. The proposal had drawn accusations of racism and incitement from Arab leaders. By Aron Heller. Sent: 591 words, photos, video.

    ISRAEL-POLITICS _ In a strategy reminiscent of President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, Israel's prime minister is preemptively claiming to be a victim of electoral fraud as the country prepares to head to elections. By Josef Federman. Sent. 1006 words, photos, video.

    ISRAEL-POLITICS-ARABS _ The leader of the main Arab faction in parliament has shaken up Israel's election campaign by offering to sit in a moderate coalition government - a development that would end decades of Arab political marginalization and could potentially bring down Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. By Aron Heller. Sent: 1,073 words, photos.

    ISRAEL-POLITICS _ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu kicks off the unofficial start of his new election campaign with a move straight out of his old playbook: attacking the media and pandering to his nationalist base. By Aron Heller. Sent: 1141 words, photos, video.


    AP Photos will be expedited throughout the day of major candidates voting, voters in various locations and from party headquarters when results come in.


    SUNDAY, SEPT. 15

    ISR PREVIEW – Preview of Israeli election and main candidates.

    ME JERUSALEM – Jerusalemites in the Old City reflect on effect of upcoming poll.

    MONDAY, SEPT. 16

    ISR PREPARATIONS – Final preparations ahead of the vote. Expected Monday, Sept. 16.


    ISR POLLS OPEN _ LIVE of polling stations in Jerusalem and northern city of Haifa.

    7 a.m. (0400GMT)

    ISR NETANYAHU – PM Netanyahu casts his ballot in Jerusalem.

    7 a.m. (0400GMT), Jerusalem. Live.

    ISR GANTZ – Main challenger to Netanyahu, former military chief Benny Gantz, casts his ballot, in central Israel. Timing TBC. Live.

    ISR LIEBERMAN – Avigdor Lieberman, possible kingmaker in elections casts his vote. Live. Timing TBC.

    ISR BARAK – Ehud Barak casts vote in his political comeback. Time TBC.

    ISR VOTE 2 – Voting gets underway in Israel.

    By 830 a.m. (0530GMT) – Voters reax, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv.

    ISR ARAB VOTERS – Arab voters take to polls. Time TBC.

    ISR POLLS CLOSE – Polls close in Israel.

    10 p.m. (1900GMT). Live

    ISR EXIT POLLS - Exit polls on channels predict winner. Live.

    ISR RESULTS REAX – Main contenders hold speeches.

    Around midnight (2100 GMT). Live from Likud and Blue and White headquarters in Tel Aviv.

    ISR VOTERS REAX –Winners celebrate victory in Israel’s general election.

    5 a.m. Wednesday (0200GMT). Vox pops of winning and losing camps.

    As part of pre-election coverage, Jerusalem planning the following glances:

    AP EXPLAINS-ISRAEL ELECTION _ A look at Israel’s Knesset and the process of building a coalition.

    ISRAEL-NETANYAHU SCANDALS GLANCE _ A look at the legal charges that Netanyahu could be facing soon after the election.

    ISRAEL-ELECTION CONTENDERS _ Profiles of Netanyahu and Gantz.

    ISRAEL-ELECTION PARTIES _ A look at major parties and electoral “blocs” of coalition partners.

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