• Cleanup continues after train derails in Cramerton

    By: Dan Tordjman


    CRAMERTON, N.C. - As crews worked to pull the heaviest train cars and tanks off the track they derailed from on Monday, Eyewitness News heard how concerned neighbors were when they called 911 moments after the accident.

    "On Mayflower Avenue in Cramerton," said one caller, "we've got a train completely derailed.”

    Within minutes, others called expressing concerned.

    "The train tracks are directly in front of my house... it's in pieces, like, it looks like pieces have just flipped off the tracks," a caller said.

    The primary concern for neighbors was not so much the train itself but rather what it might have been carrying.

    "I don't know what's in those tanks," said another caller. "But it looks like gas tanks to me."

    "There's a very bad smell," the caller added.

    A dispatcher responded by saying, "Get away, get as far away from it as you can."

    No one was hurt and there were no leaks in any potentially dangerous containers, like the ones carrying liquified petroleum gas.

    Still, Mayflower continued to attract onlookers who saw images of the derailment on TV and wanted to get a closer look in person.

    Wendy Caudill came with her family from Belmont and took pictures.

    "It's a mess," she said. "It's crazy."

    The tracks could take a few more days to clear and for a new track to be laid over the damaged one, where the derailment occurred.

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