'Goodbye Arctic Ice': Houston traffic sign flashes bizarre messages

'Goodbye Arctic Ice': Houston traffic sign flashes bizarre messages

Digital traffic signs usually have helpful information, but a portable sign in Houston carried a stream of odd messages Wednesday morning.

HOUSTON — Motorists on a Houston highway were treated to an array of bizarre messages on a portable traffic sign early Wednesday morning, KTRK reported.

Normally, these signs flash messages like "New traffic pattern ahead," "Road closed" or "Road work ahead." The sign in Houston, located near the intersection of Waugh Drive and Allen Parkway, flashed messages like "Warning: Hurricane Human," "Triassic weather ahead," and "Global warming at work," the television station reported.

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Other messages included "Goodbye Arctic Ice," and "We are the asteroid," KTRK reported.

Houston officials have not commented about the sign, the television station reported.

It's not the first time a Houston traffic sign has been hacked.

In May 2017, protesters hacked into a digital sign and put up a message to impeach President Donald Trump, the Houston Chronicle reported.