Florida police officer helps homeless family return to Michigan

Florida police officer helps homeless family return to Michigan

An officer with the Miami-Dade Police Department took steps to help a homeless family return to Michigan.

A Florida police officer came to the aid of a family that suddenly became homeless over the weekend, helping them find shelter and a way to return to their Michigan relatives.

Jose DeLeon, an officer with the Miami-Dade Police Department, was on a call at a Miami Greyhound station near the airport when he saw a man, his wife and four children in distress, WFOR reported.

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When DeLeon questioned the man, he learned the family had been kicked out of the South Florida home of a relative and had no money for food or shelter, the television story reported. The family also wanted to return to Michigan but did not have the cash to buy tickets.

DeLeon took charge, asking fellow officers to chip in cash, WFOR reported. The officers also found a vacancy at the Chapman Partnership, a nonprofit that helps the homeless,

"I was super proud of them. They all chipped in with personal funds and like I said we were able to give it to the mother," DeLeon told WFOR. "She started to cry, the father started to cry and we even started to cry, and were just happy to be able to do that for them."

Officials at the Chapman Project were able to secure plane tickets so the family could return to Michigan on Monday, the television station reported.-.