For some reason, people keep crashing into NC man's home

On Saturday morning, a car careened through Carlo Bernarte’s property, smashing through the neighborhood’s entrance wall, tearing up trees and sending rocks through the walls and windows of his residence.
It marked the sixth time a car has crashed into the Raleigh, North Carolina, man’s home, where he lives with his wife and three children.

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"I'm numb," Bernarte told WTVD. "The people who have the power to help me in my situation, I don't think, I'm not a priority to them."

The first incident occurred before Bernarte moved into the home in 2004. Then came two accidents in 2007 and 2008, followed by three more from 2013 to 2016. The highest-profile case happened in October 2015, when a drunk driver crashed into the house and later died in the hospital. Bernarte erected a cross of flowers on his property to memorialize the tragedy, but that cross was plowed into during incident No. 6.

These high-frequency car crashes have caused Bernarte to lose his homeowner’s insurance, and while he has asked the city to extend a guardrail to reach his property, this request has been rejected.

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“They said the only way they could extend the guardrail is if they close access to the neighborhood,” Bernarte said.

Bernarte, who seems to be running out of options, is considering moving his family out of the home.

“Who is liable for this? Is it the city? NCDOT? The builder? The engineer who approved building a house here?” Bernarte said. “Probably no action would be taken until the next accident happens.”

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