• Kids buy back dad's favorite car after he sacrificed it to pay medical bills

    By: Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    For some, there is one car that will never compare to all the other vehicles they own. 

    For Wesley Ryan and his family it was a 1993 Mustang GT he used to ferry around his growing family.

    It was called “Christine” after the 1983 Stephen King movie.

    But when his wife, and high school sweetheart, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the car had to go once medical bills started piling up, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

    “I came home one day. I walked into the garage, looked at her and said it was time for her to go,” Ryan told San Antonio Express-News. “I remember seeing her drive off and I was trying to be the big man and not let it bother me.”

    Ryan’s children, who were toddlers when their dad sold his beloved car, never forgot how much the car meant to him. 

    So years later they did what they could to track down “Christine.” 

    The found it and the big reveal was captured on video. Ryan was speechless when he saw his precious “Christine” roll up on a trailer. After tears and a few “choice words” of surprise, Ryan walked over to the car to check it out as the song “My Old Man” played in the background. As Ryan walked around his car to take in the sight and greet his old ride, the appropriate line from the Zac Brown Band song played: “I know one day we’ll meet again.”

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    Ryan told San Antonio Express-News that the car shows “the power and strength of what family can do.”

    Ryan and his son plan on working on “Christine” to bring her back to life.

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