Partially undressed dad, daughter in bed at Ohio hospital prompt child abuse investigation

Police investigation sparked by father found in hospital bed with daughter partially undressed

DAYTON, Ohio — A worker at Dayton Children's Hospital in Ohio walked in a patient's room last week and saw a father in bed with his daughter, both in a state of partial undress, authorities said.

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Now, the Dayton Police Department is investigating possible child abuse involving the 12-year-old girl with developmental disabilities.

A social worker at the hospital reported the incident to police.

“I’m calling to make a report because I’m not familiar with Ohio law and what constitutes sexual abuse,” the caller told dispatchers. “Dad had his shirt off and he had the girl’s shirt and pants off and was laying along in bed together.”

The social worker told the dispatcher she asked the man to leave the hospital, and said his reaction was surprising.

“I told dad that I was going to call the cops and he said, ‘yeah, that’s fine,’” she said.

Police are investigating whether a crime has occurred, and no charges have been filed.