Renter stuck living in tornado damage as she waits for repairs

Renter stuck living in tornado damage as she waits for repairs

Residents in the West Brook neighborhood cut tree limbs and pick up scattered debris the morning after a suspected ef-4 tornado touched down early in the morning on May 28, 2019 in Trotwood, Ohio. One person was killed and multiple other injured.

DAYTON, Ohio — It's been two weeks since 15 tornadoes hit the area, leaving many parts of southwest Ohio destroyed.

While many homeowners are deep in the cleanup process, some renters are still waiting for repairs.

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One renter who spoke to WHIO and lives near Wagner Ford Road said that she received minor damage compared to others.

Virginia Dorian has damage to her roof and a couple of broken windows. She said she’s contacted her landlord, but hasn’t really heard back.

She also had siding damage to her house, as well as tree debris and a large fence that was knocked down, which she said she removed herself.

Dorian said an adjuster came four days after the tornado, but she’s still waiting on the landlord to get back to her about when repairs will be made.

She’s worried that the longer it’s damaged the more problems it will create in the future.

"I haven't heard back from the landlord as far as when any kinds of repairs are going to start happening," said Dorian. "That's going to be an issue too.

“We’re keeping in touch with the landlord. He’s frustrated with the slow process. We’re probably looking at weeks, months or even more.”