Subway employee accused of lacing officer's drink with meth

LAYTON, Utah — A police sergeant is recovering after a restaurant employee slipped illegal drugs into the officer's drink, authorities said.

Police said the unnamed officer went to a Subway restaurant Monday in Layton, Utah. When he took a drink of his beverage, he tasted chemicals and his body started to react, he wasn't able to hit the brake at a red light, KTSU reported.

He made it safely to the police station and was taken to a hospital.

Tests run on the drink found THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and methamphetamine.

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Surveillance video shows Tanis Ukena hovering over the cup for a longer-than-normal time, police said.

Police arrested Ukena. They say they believe that it is an isolated incident.

Ukena was charged withsuspicion of surreptitious administration of a poisonous substance, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The officer was released from the hospital and is taking a few days at home to recover, KSL reported.

Police are investigating whether the sergeant was targeted because he is in law enforcement. He was in uniform and was driving a cruiser, The Tribune reported.

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