5-year-old uses Alexa to get medical help for mom

5-year-old uses Alexa to get medical help for mom having seizure

“Hey Google.” “Hey Alexa.” We are talking more and more to inanimate objects like our Google Home devices and Amazon Echos.

Earlier this year, it was estimated that about a quarter of all U.S. households had at least one smart speaker, NPR reported.

But luckily those smart speakers are always listening. It helped a 5-year-old in Pennsylvania save his mother when she was having a medical emergency.

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Tyrion Spann was alone with his mother, Jasmine Neal, when she had a seizure, WPVI reported.

She started getting seizures last December, the Bucks County Courier Times reported.

He was able to use his family’s Alexa device to call his grandmother, Natalie Neal, who was an hour away from their Pottstown, Pennsylvania, home.

Prior to her daughter’s medical emergency, Natalie Neal had programmed the device to call her any time Tyrion wanted to.

“I just thought for, you know, him to tell me, ‘Hey grandmom, I love you. Hey Gigi, I love you.' A week and a half later, he’s calling because he can’t wake his mom up, so it was a very smart thing to do without knowing I was smart,” Neil told WPVI.

This was the first time Tyrion had seen his mother have a seizure, the Courier Times reported.

Natalie Neal kept him on the line as she called 911. The emergency operator needed Tyrion to find out if his mother was still breathing. Then, he had to go and unlock their front door so EMTs could get in.

Jasmine Neal was taken to a local hospital and was stabilized.

When she woke up and found out what Tyrion did, she said, “My baby saved me," the newspaper reported.