Coronavirus: Are your pets tired of you? Are you tired of the kids? Social media is on it

According to the CDC, if you've been exposed to the virus, the recommendation is you should self-quarantine for 14 days. If you're asymptomatic after that, you should be in the clear. Here's how to self-quarantine while keeping others safe.

In the age of social distancing and hand sanitizer, we can all use some uplifting news.

And when you are looking for creativity, humor or maybe an “ah” moment, is there any better place than the internet?

No. There is not.

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In that spirit, here’s some lightness in some tough times.

Yeah, so much for family time.

Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy. Oh, yes you are.

Clearly, the majority of us are not on our “amazing dog performances” game.

Day 5 seems to be a pivotal one when it comes to animals (see above).

We feel ya, Polly. By the way, where did you find that?

Residents of Seville, Spain, fight boredom via Bingo.

Visiting with dad in the time of coronavirus.

Just when you’re ready to give up, the people in Flat 85 come through.

We’re all livin’ on a prayer at the moment, but this sounded cool.

Most popular kids on the block.

And through it all, life goes on.