Coronavirus: How much money could you get from stimulus check?

The Senate passed a bipartisan bill Wednesday night to put money directly into the pockets of Americans who need it during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bill, which has to be passed by the House and signed by the president, could give single adults up to $1,200 if they earn up to $75,000, married couples get $2,400 if they earn under $150,000 adjusted gross income. Families with children will get an additional $500 per child, CNN reported.

But if you make more than the limits for the full payout, you may still qualify for a partial check.

Singles can make up to $99,000, married couples can earn up to $198,000, and still get a reduced check.

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If you want to see how much you could get, The Washington Post has created a calculator, which can be found here.

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If you filed your 2019 taxes, then the government will use the direct deposit information and deposit it into your account. If there’s no account on record, then you’ll get a check, the Post reported.

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If you haven’t filed yet, the government will use the information on your 2018 return.

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